Can I camp over on a day ticket? - Yes but you will not be allowed back into the arena after 10am the following day

Do you do Carer ticketsYes we offer reduced or free tickets for those that require a carer. These are reserved for people who need somebody to assist with their daily lives. You must first purchase a ticket for the person requiring a carer, then contact us with proof of your requirements and we will issue a carer ticket to your order

Campsite colours -

This year you must choose a campsite option on arrival. We are grouping the different areas to make sure people camp in their preferred conditions. Each campsite will have toilet and water facilities with a central location for showers. You can change campsite on arrival.

- Red Camp – Sociable Camping, this area is for people who want to stay up later and socialize, please note that sound systems are NOT allowed anywhere onsite
- Blue Camp – Low Noise Camping, this site is for those who wish to camp in relatively low noise. This site states that you must not make a level of noise that disturbs your neighbors after 1am
- Green Camp – Family Camping, this campsite is for those with children who wish to camp with similar family’s
- Yellow Camp – Accessible Campsite, camping for those who need more space and accessible facilities. This site will have charging facilities for mobility scooters, accessible toilets and its own shower unit.
- Quiet Camping – This campsite is in a completely different field to the other campsite, you will be able to drive and park next to your pitch, this option is pre ticketed only
- Campervan Field – Please use this option if you have bought a Campervan or Caravan Pass

What time can we arrive to the festival? - From 10am Friday 23rd Aug (Thursday ticket holders from 3pm Thursday) 

Can I bring my own food & drink? - Yes, into the campsite. However alcohol is not allowed to be brought into the Arena. Help support the event by buying from our bars! As soon as the festival earns enough from ticket revenue this rule will be abolished! 

Do I need a car pass? - Yes every vehicle needs a car pass except cars towing a caravan where a Campervan / Caravan pass has already been purchased

Do I need a vehicle pass for quiet camping? - No your vehicle is included in the Quiet Camping fee

Are children 12 or under free for Quiet Camping? - Yes

Are there hot showers? - Yes, there are hot showers in the campsite and the quiet campsite

Can I bring my dog? - Sorry no dogs are allowed on site 

Can I set up a tent in the campervan field? - Yes you can set up a single tent per Campervan so friends can stay together

Can I park next to my tent? - No unfortunately not, however the car park is only a very short distance away. Registered disabled or less abled can use the unloading area next to the campsite.

The festival is held at: Hill Farm  Gressenhall  Dereham  Norfolk NR19 2NR